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Mission Statement

    The mission of Social5 Development Group is to present eager entrepreneurs the world’s most exciting business opportunity with the quest of creating a world-wide network of authorized Social5 solution representatives that are enabled with the knowledge and passion to provide every small to medium-sized business the power of leading-edge social media and digital marketing services.

Business Description

    Social5 Development Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Social5. Social5 helps businesses get social, stay social, and get noticed. They do this by being the affordable social media content provider for businesses that recognize the critical need but are not able, or choose not to, provide the services themselves. Social5 services are provided in packages and add-ons that offer social media content, graphics, blogs, email, mobile solutions, campaigns, SEO, and more.

    Social5 Development Group was established to be the licensing and licensee support arm of Social5. The purpose of Social5 Development Group is to present business opportunity licenses to organizations and then support those who purchase the license with sales, training, and other business support services.

    Social5 Development Group’s business opportunity is granted via license. The license makes the licensee an authorized representative of Social5 products. Depending on the license sold, this representation is the ability to receive one-time and residual commissions for selling business opportunity licenses and/or Social5 products and services.

    In summary, Social5 Development Group on-boards and provides on-going support for licensing partners.