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Top social media marketing trends for 2016

Kid shouting through vintage megaphoneSince it hit the Internet more than a decade ago, social media marketing has become a familiar concept to anyone on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms. Casual social media users understand and even appreciate the fact that the businesses they love share photos, videos, quotes, helpful tips and more. Business owners appreciate social media marketing because it helps them reach new audiences and engage existing customers through referrals, shares and, eventually, actual purchases of goods and services.

Indeed, businesses entering 2016 with little to no social media marketing strategy have to realize that times are changing rapidly. Social media is a critical component of successful marketing, which is why we formed the Social5 Development Group. Our mission is to provide support and networking for eager entrepreneurs through the world’s most exciting business opportunity.

What’s the opportunity, you ask? To provide every small and medium-sized business with the power of leading-edge social media and digital marketing services using the expertise and talent of Social5.

If you’re eager to run your own business, share the incredible message of social media and enter an incredible industry, keep reading—we’ve got some key trends entering 2016 that will give you a leg up as you begin your journey.

Social media marketing in the new year

As an entrepreneur eager to break into social media, you’re probably wondering about the dynamics of the marketplace. Well, the target is a rapidly moving one—but that’s no reason to be discouraged. In fact, it only goes to show what an exciting time we’re living in.

To help you understand where social media marketing stands today, we’ve synthesized the results of a recent report by the well-respected organizations MarketingProfs and Content Marketing Institute. It’s titled “2016 B2C Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends,” and it details how marketers who serve consumer-facing industries are spending their time and hard-earned dollars. (If you plan to serve B2B companies, no worries—they’ve got a separate report with those details.)

In no particular order, here are some facts you should know.

Fully 90 percent of marketers say they use social media content other than blogs—a stunning statistic that shows you just how seriously the industry takes these platforms. Sure, it’s a crowded space. But that just means the cream rises to the top. Like no other time in Internet history, 2016 will be a time for social media all-stars to stand out.

Sixty-six percent of social media marketing professionals surveyed say Facebook is the most effective platform they use. That’s up eight percentage points from a year earlier. You might hear a lot of talk about Facebook changing its algorithms, effectively changing how Facebook users see content in their news feeds, but the fact remains social media marketing remains alive and well on this platform. With more than 1 billion active users each day, it’s no wonder why.

Next on the list of most effective platforms is YouTube with 53 percent of marketers saying it gets the job done. Some have called 2015 the year of the video, and the emphasis on YouTube suggests this approach is bearing fruit in the form of views, channel subscriptions and more.

Third up is Twitter with an effectiveness rating of 50 percent. You might have heard about this social media channel in the news this year as co-founder Jack Dorsey became Twitter’s new CEO. This platform is actively searching for more regular users and new options for delivery of content and advertising, making 2016 a perfect time for your new customers to find a foothold on Twitter.

Here’s one last intriguing item from the MarketingProfs study: Consumer-facing marketers use an average of seven social media platforms to engage their audience. Let that sink in for a moment. The digital world is clearly a crowded place, but it also means businesses need your help now more than ever to make them stand out.

Ready to step into an amazing career serving businesses eager to have their voice heard? Join the Social5 Development Group today.