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Why social media content helps small businesses grow faster

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The critical role of an active social media presence in the world of small to medium-size businesses is undeniable. In the U.S. alone, 65 percent of American adults use social networks of one kind or another, according to the Pew Research Center. Shockingly, that figure is up from just 7 percent a decade ago.

The Internet has transformed the way we communicate, and for business owners that means the ability to reach customers with whom you never even dreamed of connecting until recently. Yet to attract the attention of those valuable customers and be present online, these businesses need outstanding social media content. That can be a key sticking point. How can entrepreneurs create phenomenal social media content while ensuring that their business exceeds customer expectations—and that they can pay the bills from month to month?

If you are looking at the opportunity to help these incredible men and women, Social5 Development Group is pleased to provide a solution not available anywhere else in the marketplace: To license specialized products and services from Social5, a company that serves small and medium-size businesses with social media content including graphics, blogs, emails, written posts and so much more.

In the remainder of this post, we’ll explore why social media content is so important to businesses and how you can serve this essential audience as a licensee of our organization.

Why social media content matters to small and medium-size businesses

Suppose for a moment that you are the world’s foremost manufacturer of a small component crucial to the operation of artificial hearts. These hearts are used in life-saving surgeries to ensure patients’ blood is able to circulate appropriately, delivering oxygen and performing other vital functions within the body.

In many cases, a company that provides a small part within this larger device might already have the relationships it needs to continue business as usual. Yet for manufacturers of revolutionary new components—or even companies that wish to extend the reach of their incredible product outside their existing circle of influence—social media represents an extremely affordable and vital component of marketing to the larger medical community.

Enter Social5, a company founded on the principle that businesses of all sizes deserve to get social, stay social and get noticed. A crucial component of each of those value propositions is to produce social media content that matters to your customers, whether your customer is a hospital (in the case of medical components) or a shopper (in the case of a retail business). For social media content to hit its target, it must be:

  • Well-written and delivered in an engaging style that promotes the viewer to read, share and even participate in conversation by posting a comment
  • Visually attractive through photos that strike an emotional cord through beauty, humor or shared experiences
  • Appropriate to the channel in which it is delivered; for example, blogs include more business information and context than a Facebook post, in many cases

With the team of professional writers and editors Social5 has assembled, creating and delivering content that meets these objectives and many others that are crucial to the business community is not only possible—it happens every day. By becoming a licensee of Social5 Development Group, you will be part of an elite group of professionals responsible for equipping and training businesses in your community with the content they need to elevate their success to the next level.

Small and medium-size businesses really are the lifeblood of our economy. For example, the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council notes businesses with fewer than 500 employees represent 99.9 percent of all companies in the U.S.

Few careers are more noble than helping fellow entrepreneurs succeed in business, and an important component of that success in today’s economy is the ability to navigate social media. Using social platforms is crucial to helping owners of small and medium-size businesses reach more existing and prospective customers, educate their audiences and generate more leads and sales relative to businesses whose social presence fails to reach its full potential.

If you’d like to learn more about working with Social5 Development Group, we would welcome the opportunity to answer your questions. Give us a call at 801-980-5080, email or visit our website for more information. We can’t wait to help you accelerate your career in social media—and to watch as you work alongside hard-working men and women to build the businesses of the future!