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Start a business in social media sales


Across the world, social media is serious business. Advertisers likely spent nearly $24 billion in 2015 to connect with people on social networks, figures from research firm eMarketer suggest. Yet social media sales hinge on more than just buying an ad on Facebook or Twitter. They require extensive knowledge of the industry and an understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

That’s why people seeking to enter the rapidly changing world of social media sales turn to us to start their own business. Rather than innovating solutions from scratch while also attempting to sell those solutions at profitable rates, entrepreneurs interested in social media sales can work with our organization to develop the skills necessary to succeed in this rapidly changing environment. We provide a suite of best-in-class social media products that will ensure your customers have the best tools at their fingertips.

These social media sales services will help your customers win online

For owners and managers of small- and medium-size businesses, social media can be daunting. Once they have built a Facebook business page, started a Twitter account or begun pinning products on Pinterest, it can be difficult to know how to maintain those channels while building momentum with the people in their target audience.

For our social media sales team, that challenge is answered by our suite of services intended to meet business owners at their comfort level. We provide solutions that will help managers achieve short- and long-term goals with proven tools that will result in more visibility, engagement and leads for their company.

We offer three packages, starting with Get Social. As a licensee with our company, you will find there are four tiers of services within this first package—social, mobile, somo (a combination of social and mobile) and max. Business owners who sign up for our social services will receive support from the experts at Social5, a social media marketing company, in the areas of graphics, content and technology; access to the Social5 University resource center, along with webinars, tips and training; and Facebook services including custom graphics and three posts per week.

With each successive tier of the Get Social package, your social media sales customers will receive additional services designed to accelerate their entry into the social media space.

  • The mobile tier additionally receives our mobile suite, meaning business owners’ content is tablet- and smartphone-enabled, as well as two blog posts per month on topics of your customers’ choosing. Facebook is not part of this package.
  • Somo adds Facebook back to the mix and adds custom Facebook tabs linking to the customer’s website, Twitter account and blog, along with custom graphics and five tweets per week.
  • Max includes a custom Facebook survey app, enabling people to share peer recommendations about your customer. It also offers three LinkedIn posts per week with graphics; an mCard electronic business card for easy text-message sharing among business associates; and a live analytical portal called the analytical dashboard with individual login credentials.

Next, your customers can Get Engaged and Get Noticed

Once your customers are proficient on social media and ready to expand their digital footprint, it’s a good idea to use your social media sales knowledge to visit with them about our two additional packages, Get Engaged and Get Noticed.

The Get Engaged package is intended to help businesses begin interacting with their target audiences through three tiers of services—boost, target and grow. Tools within the package include:

  • Campaign creation featuring buildout of all creative assets by a team of social media experts
  • Content boosting on Facebook
  • Targeted ad placement, ad monitoring and testing, and reporting
  • Facebook contest management including app, marketing, legal compliance, and prize packages and fulfillment

Our final package of solutions, Get Noticed, helps elevate your customers’ content so it appears prominently in listings, search engine results pages (SERPs) and user-generated review sites. Offerings include:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Listing in more than 100 directories including for maps, GPS, mobile and in-car navigation
  • Flexibility to easily change all listings with a customized control panel
  • Robust analytics and reporting
  • Search engine profile page
  • Social review tool
  • Monthly keyword-rich blog post featuring highly specific content optimized around your customers’ business objectives
  • Web traffic boosting
  • Posting to Google Plus

Additionally, we provide website development, text campaigns and custom video. The bottom line is social media sales are available for the first time in a comprehensive and turnkey solution. No matter where your customers’ comfort level might be with social media, Social5 Development Group is prepared to help you be extraordinarily successful as a licensee. We’d welcome the opportunity to visit further about this exciting opportunity. Call us today at 801-980-5080 for more information.